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Automated Services

Home Banking
Check your account balances or make transfers from the convenience of your home, or wherever you are! 

With our recently updated Home Banking you can view all of your account information in REAL TIME!  That means as soon as you make a deposit, transfer or withdrawal you can immediately see it online OR perform a transaction online and it instantly hits your account at the credit union.  No more delayed response time!

Our Home Banking can be accessed any where or any time that is convenient for YOU.

Bill Payer
Pay all your bills from one spot and avoid the cost of postage! 

Electronic Services
—We offer many services to make your life easier and more convenient, such as:

  • Direct Deposit--Funds are quickly deposited to your account making them available to YOU sooner, no more waiting in line to get your check cashed!
  • Payroll Deduction--Have funds from your paycheck, or a portion of your paycheck deposited into other parts of your account, such as a Christmas Club or paid on a loan for faster repayment!
  • Automatic Withdrawals--We allow merchants and vendors to automatically withdraw payment from your account to make monthly bill paying an easy task.
  • AutoPay--Have your loan payment made from another part of your account automatically or set up payment from an account that is with another financial institution.