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Login Instructions

NEW Home Banking Login Instructions


  • Go to Home Banking page
    • Login page
    • Click here to enroll now

  • Enter the following:
    • Member number
    • Social Security number (no dashes)
    • Email address
    • Accept electronic funds disclosure
    • Click “Sign up”

  • Retrieve your temporary password from your email

  • Return to the Login page and complete the following:
    • Enter Login ID (member number)/click Login
    • Answer authenticating questions and confidence word
    • Click Save

  • Click on Click Here to Login
    • Verify confidence word
    • Enter emailed password
    • Click Login

  • You will be told that your password is expired—do the following:
    • Enter Login ID (member number0
    • Emailed/current password
    • Select new password
    • Re-enter new password
    • Click Change
    • When password is successfully changed, follow screen prompt to view home banking account information